Made to Measure

Our Made to Measure service are all individually handcrafted from start to ensure quality finishing.

Ready to Wear

Looking for a trusted manufacturer to create your Ready to Wear menswear collection?

Made to Measure:
The Tailor's Tailor

With more than 45 years of bespoke experience, Sarta Creations offers an innovation-driven CMT solution for all menswear businesses allowing you to focus on your business development while we focus on your production. Or if you are new to the industry, we will help you to establish your own MTM business.

Sarta means “seamstress“. We aim to be your own personal tailor and seamstress in handcrafting beautiful garments for your clients.

Our process includes providing our partners with a standard size fitting mould for you to fit your clients, as well as fabrics range, if required. We can work closely with you to offer Premium Mill collections in your store.


Ready to Wear:
Your Trusted Production Partner

Whether you want to develop a new range of accessories or clothing or are hand made products it’s essential to maximize your chances of success by selecting the right manufacturing operation. Using the same meticulous process applied to our Made to Measure garments, we will work with

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