What is CMT?

What is CMT?

CMT stands for “Cut, Make, Trim”. CMT is a service provided by factories that essentially cut, make and trim your designs into fully produced products. The factory will require specifications, fabrics, patterns and stitching requirements from you before production.

At Sarta Creations, we understand that one of the most important decisions you’ll be making is your apparel manufacturing requirements. We take extra care in our CMT process to ensure that you get the best quality, finishing and workmanship.

Problems Resolved by CMT

In the past, some of the key issues that designers or tailors faced include:

  • Larger factories have not been able to accommodate small production runs;
  • Smaller orders are not prioritized due to their size;
  • Shorter lead-times pose problems to the factories; and
  • Designers have had to learn by trial and error through working with small companies who are under-sourced and under-qualified.

At Sarta Creations, we will try our utmost to work with the client’s timelines and accept small orders as little as 1 piece per order.

The CMT Process

Stage one: CUT

Pattern cutting is the first phase of CMT production. The fabric will be cut depending on the pattern and grading supplied. Manufacturers will often use special machines and technology to create a precision cut to ensure the best quality results.

At Sarta Creations, you can choose to have your pattern:

  • created by our 3D modelling program or;
  • hand-crafted by experienced tailors.

Stage two: MAKE

After cutting the fabric, manufacturers will move onto the next stage – making the garments. This entails stitching the material together, which will create the final product. Again, this is often completed by machinery to get a fast and precision finish.

Stage three: TRIM

Once the final product has been stitched together, the finishing touches are completed. This final stage also involves conducting a thorough quality check of the garment before delivery to the client.

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